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How Do You Cope as a New Mom?

Being organised helps all moms cope better.


You need a compactum to keep your baby stuff organised. So that clothes and nappies are right at hand when you change baby.

Compactum (changing table)

Your compactum is where you:

  • dress baby
  • change baby’s nappy
  • interact with baby

A compactum is not a different name for a chest of draws. It’s a purpose built unit designed to make changing and dressing baby easier.

Some parents compromise and end up struggling with poor alternatives, here’s why:

  1. A normal chest of drawers is too shallow. You need to be able to stand at Baby’s feet and not have to try work from the side.
  2. Changing baby on the floor is unhygienic, pets get in the way and it’s hard to get up off the floor. (Especially for the first few weeks)
  3. Changing baby on YOUR bed – if there’s an Oopsy, it’s all over your bed. It’s much easier to clean up a compactum than change your duvet and sheets in the middle of the night!

The Snoozy Baby compactum’s are:

  1. The right height, no awkward stooping for all that pampering and playing together.
  2. The right depth, so you can work from the feet and not an awkward side angle.
  3. The right amount of storage space for creams, wipes and nappies.

You will thank yourself for having the stylish and secure surface of our compactum in your nursery room.

How do you plan the perfect nursery?

Create a special room for baby. A room for cuddles and love, a room to be proud of.

You can show me your space and I will help you plan your nursery.

Get expert advice (from a Mom) on furniture that fits your space (and makes parenting easier).

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How do I get my baby furniture?


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