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A perfect cocoon for new-borns to sleep in for the first few months

New Moms battle to get enough sleep because:
  • A tiny baby needs to be fed every few hours
  • Baby may cry and need comforting
  • Newborns have irregular sleep schedules until they learn to sleep through

Babies sleep better when they feel snug and secure

You need a special place to keep baby comfortable and close. It’s so much easier for you to feed and settle baby when baby is within arm’s reach. (Newborns may sleep up to 17 hours a day.)

Where do you use a Moses Basket (Bassinet)?

  • Next to your bed as a co sleeper at night, so you don’t need to wake fully and get up for feeds – making it easier to get back to sleep
  • During the day, take baby in the portable Moses Basket around the house, so that you can comfort baby wherever you go
  • When baby grows big enough to roll over or crawl, you can repurpose it as a linen hamper. (Some people pass them down as an heirloom.)

What makes our Moses Baskets special?

  • Hand woven from natural Ilala palm. No chemicals or fumigation are used in the process.
  • Choose the handles you like best: loop or integrated keyhole handles
  • Sturdy wooden stand for gentle rocking, stained in the colour of your choice
  • Breathable cotton mattress fits securely
  • Included is a cotton mattress lining and cotton mattress cover

Choose your style

Moses Basket
R800R1 600

How do you plan the perfect nursery?

Create a special room for baby. A room for cuddles and love, a room to be proud of.

You can show me your space and I will help you plan your nursery.

Get expert advice (from a Mom) on furniture that fits your space (and makes parenting easier).

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