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Snoozy Baby Rocking Chairs

Every mom should have one.

We make rocking chairs for moms.
Our chairs are soft and comfortable yet supportive in all the right places.

The time you spend bonding in your chair will live with you forever.

Moms struggle with the wrong chair when:

  1. Arm rests are not at the right height to support your arm as you nurse baby
  2. Arm rest padding is not thick enough
  3. Lazyboy recliners are impossible to get out of gracefully with a sleeping baby in your arms
  4. Recliners are painful – try getting out of a recliner after giving birth
  5. Not all chairs rock – people seem to have forgotten the power of a rocking chair
Get your Snoozy Baby Rocking Chair like all the other new moms!
Their chairs are giving them:


You deserve to be comfortable when feeding your baby.


Because just any old chair is not good enough.

Bonding time

You need a place where you can relax and connect with your baby.

You will enjoy spending many happy hours with your baby in your Snoozy Baby rocking chair.

How do I get my chair?


Choose your style


Choose your fabric


Place your order

1. Choose your style


R 6 100

Includes: Rocking Chair + Ottoman + Support Cushions + Scotchgard


R 6 100

Includes: Rocking Chair + Ottoman + Support Cushions + Scotchgard


R 5 100

Includes: Rocking Chair + Ottoman + Support Cushions + Scotchgard

2. Choose your fabric

Country Weave – Silver Grey

Country Weave – Dark Grey

Flax Weave – Light Grey

Flax Weave – Dark Grey

Denim Weave – Light Grey

Denim Weave – Dark Grey

Pebble Weave – Light Grey

Pebble Weave – Dark Grey

Soft Weave – Light Grey

Soft Weave – Dark Grey

Smooth Weave – Light Grey

Denim Weave – Blue Grey

Denim Weave – Duck Egg

Country Weave – Mint Duck Egg

Country Weave – Blue Duck Egg

Sleek Weave – Blue

Country Weave – Blue

Modern Weave – Blue

Sleek Weave – Denim Blue

Soft Weave – Natural

Modern Weave – Stone

Flax Weave – Taupe

Country Weave – Mushroom

Country Weave – Taupe

Soft Weave – Taupe

Denim Weave – Taupe

3. Place your order

Each chair comes with:

Matching neck and back support cushions

Padded ottoman foot stool

Request a home visit from our mobile showroom

We will bring our chairs and fabric samples to your home or office

What Makes A Snoozy Baby Chair So Special?

Built Right

A well made chair with excellent lumbar back support, memory foam in the back rest, well padded arms at the right height to help support baby.

A chair that is easy to get in-and-out of with your baby in your arms.


Because life happens and your furniture shouldn’t tell the story.
All our chairs come with Scotchgard anti-stain fabric treatment.

Rocking Mechanism

Our perfected rocking mechanism is gentle and controlled.

It’s our signature soothing motion that you and baby enjoy as you create the Snoozy Baby effect.

Would you like to visit our show room?

(Linksfield Road Offramp from N3 Highway)